9 lessons I’ve learned on my leadership journey

Last week I travelled to Birmingham and gave a keynote speech at the Student Leadership Programme from the Council of Deans. My preparation for this speech was an exercise of reflection, a profound introspection with my personal and professional experiences, challenges and achievements.

As a nurse you always have the power to inspire and motivate others, so you really have to make sure every single encounter matter. At the nursing station, corridor, over the telephone, during classroom or any other occasion. You have to deliver it with the same passion when you care for your patients, the passion that keeps you going everyday. Those who have inspired you will have one thing in common: they believe that it’s possible. They believe in you and that you can make it possible.

My reflection resulted in 9 lessons I would tell myself a few years ago, on the second year of my nursing degree. These were the lessons I shared with the future leaders:

  1. Know who you are
  2. Hard work always pays off
  3. Don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t do it
  4. Build your resilience
  5. Have an idol
  6. Sit at the table
  7. Network
  8. Be a leader (and a follower)
  9. Seize the opportunity

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