My social leadership strategy

Last week Marie Batey (@Marie_Batey) sent me a link through Twitter where Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) talks about social leadership (see here). Mark asks some questions at the end and although I had thought about the answers before, it was a great exercise to blog them!

  • What is your social media strategy?

I’ve always used social media. I’m a Millennial, which means I grew up with Net meeting, M.I.R.C., WWW, etc. Facebook is a part of my social life. We are digital and for us almost everything can be done with a simple click. When I realise the role that social media could play on my professional development and started using it I didn’t look back but I did draw a line between my personal self and my professional self. Some excellent role models have told me in the past “You have to put yourself out there. You have to build a network. We never to that” but I didn’t really know what this meant until I actually started doing it. My social media strategy is to put my professional self as a nurse out there, to share with others, with the same personal and professional skills I use every day. For me sharing means learning. It means networking. It means teaching. It means succession. To be an expert you have to be informed. 

  • What is your curation strategy?

I had to read Julian Stodd’s blog to understand what the concept of curation meant. It talks about being “where we choose our stance, where we decide what we will be known for and how we will build this reputation”. It relates to “the space we curate, the content we curate, the stories we use, our reputation, and the values we represent“.  

My curate space involves nursing role models who uphold the nursing values and tweet about things I can not only learn with but share with others. I follow nursing journals that are experts in my field of practice or conferences (that I wasn’t able to attend). I’m particular interested in the social media content that can raise the profile of stroke nurses and nursing and improve patient care. 

  • What is the message you want anyone Googling you to see?

Ismalia de Sousa, clinical nurse specialist in stroke, EU trained nurse from Portugal. Passionate about raising the profile of stroke and nursing. Always striving to improve patient care, do be and do better, irrespective of the challenges and barriers that may arise. 

  • Who chooses what your social message is?

My professional self.

  • What social capital do you have?


  • What can you do about the above?

Continue to network and share with others the professional value of social media. Could possible think about using Facebook live or Youtube as I’ve already said to professional instagram, snapchat, pinterest or google. 

  • What are you doing about the above?

I use professional twitter, facebook and linkedin accounts. I have developed my own website. I have led a twitterchat. I have taught others how to use twitter. I have engaged in webchats in my own organisation. I’m seriously thinking about how I can use Facebook live and Youtube!

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