I’m #oneof100

It is time to be more altruist and work towards one common goal. The image of nursing as a profession that comes together and works together, that has no country boundaries.  Let's remember that any gain or lost that any of us makes, irrespectively of which country we live in, is ultimately and advantage and a lesson for all of us. This is why I think the Royal College of Nursing should re-join the International Council of Nursing. It's not about me. It's about all of us and this is why I'm #oneof100.

My first year speaking at Congress

Last year I stood up to speak about the European Referendum at the RCN Congress but it was too late. Due to the large number of speakers and the time allocated for the debate, Stuart Mackenzie had to close the queue and ask members to return to their sits. And so I did. Sue Woodward, …

Continence care: are we planning and/or promoting?

Having a continence plan doesn't necessary mean that we are promoting continence...

Do all nurses need to be dysphagia trained?

I advocate that all undergraduates should be trained at a minimum of an assistant dysphagia practitioner level and all neuroscience nurses should be trained at a Foundation level.