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I have been plagiarised, twice!

As students, plagiarism is an academic misconduct so isn’t this a professional misconduct when we have now joined a profession? But what are the consequences? When you are a nurse and you have been plagiarised by another nurse what do you do?  Do you tell your employer? Do you tell the peer-reviewed journal? Do you tell the NMC? The Nursing Code states under “Promoting Professionalism and practice” that we “should be a model of integrity and leadership for others to aspire to”. Then, we probably should ask ourselves, is plagiarism a mark of lack of integrity? Are those that plagiarised being a model of good leadership to others? And if peer-reviewed journals forbid one that has plagiarised to publish in their journal, what reassurance we have that the person has learned with their mistakes and won’t do it again in another journal?

I have been plagiarised, twice.

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