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Interviews & Debates

The Tyee

Black Nurses in BC face ‘entrenched and pervasive racism’, survey finds

Emergency Nurse

Northern Ireland looks to consolidate stroke care into hyper-acute units

Nursing Times

Work to start on new Career Framework for Stroke Nurses

RCN Congress 2018

Debate: Recruitment and retention [beginning at 00:07:20]

Debate: emergency resolution [beginning at 00:23:29]

RCN Congress 2017

Nursing Standard

60 seconds with Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stroke Ismalia de Sousa

Celebrating overseas nurses


(…) Today we want to celebrate the role played by nurses from overseas. We hear from Gwen Gutzmore, who came over from the Caribbean in the 1960’s to train in the UK, clinical stroke specialist, Ismalia De Sousa, who joined the health service in 2009, and former nurse and Professor of Nursing Policy at Kings College, Anne Marie Rafferty (…)