Conference Proceedings

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Selected Conference Papers

1. De Sousa, I & Wytenbroek, L (2022, June 9).“Black Nurses Visibility in British Columbia: 1845-1910” [Oral Presentation]. Canadian Association for the History of Nursing, Ottawa, Canada, and Virtual

2. Dizzono, V, De Sousa, I, Field, T (2022, March 11). “We’ve dealt with so much. There’s more coming?”: learning from people with Adult Congenital Heart Disease to inform knowledge translation initiatives about brain and heart health [Oral Presentation]. Putting Patients First, 2022, British Columbia, Canada.

3. De Sousa, I. (2021, February 25). Black nurses (in)visibility in BC, 1845 to 1940 [Oral presentation]. Black (in)visibility: Black nurses in Canada who paved the way – Black History Month Event, University of British Columbia, School of Nursing, Vancouver, Canada

4. De Sousa, I. (2020, May 1). Black Feminist Thought for developing Nursing knowledge [Conference session]. 2020 Graduate Student Research Symposium, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

5. De Sousa, I. (2020, June 10-12). Can Black Feminist Thought developed Nursing knowledge? [Conference session]. ISIH 2020 8th International Conference, Lleda, Spain. (Conference cancelled)

6. De Sousa, I. & Benitez, M. (2019, April 12-13). Improving door-to-puncture times: The Imperial experience [Conference session]. Annual Imperial Thrombectomy Symposium, London, United Kingdom.

7. De Sousa, I., Benitez, M., Banerjee, S., Davies, S., Benefer, D., & Rane, N. (2019, March 19-22). Developing the Thrombectomy pathway in a London neuroscience centre: The use of simulation. [Conference session]. 11th European Association of Neuroscience Nurses Congress, Manchester, United Kingdom.

8. De Sousa, I., & Cluckie, G. (2018, May 14). National Nursing challenges [Conference session]. Annual Imperial Thrombectomy Symposium, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom.

9. De Sousa, I. & Woodward, S. (2017, May 13-16). Digesting Dysphagia [Conference session]. Royal College of Nursing Congress, Liverpool, United Kingdom.